Maggie McAdam

Colorful fall leaves in a stream

I am a planetary scientist specializing in interpreting composition through spectroscopy, parent body processes and volatile distribution in the early Solar System by studying asteroids and meteorites. My work focuses on systematic laboratory studies of meteorites using spectroscopy to inform remote observations of asteroids. I plan to continue working on questions relating to the distribution and preservation of water on asteroids, supporting asteroid missions and systematic studies of materials in the laboratory to ground interpretations of remote observations of asteroids.

I also work on issues around equity, inclusion and justice in the sciences through research and advocacy. I work to reduce barriers, biases and discrimination in STEM by focusing on promoting individual awareness and accountability through community in an initiative called The Collective, which I co-founded with Dr. Kristen Bennett. We are studying the efficacy of this initiative with our colleague Dr. Brian Eiler. Additionally, colleagues and I in the UMD TLTC Fellowship designed a mixed-methods study investigating campus climate and classroom technology’s effects on feelings of belonging for underrepresented students in higher education. This work is currently under review for publication.